Code Implementation

Stuck on implementing your Google Analytics Code? Are you unsure if it’s properly installed or maybe you would rather have someone else do it for you? Lets be honest, poking around on the backend of your website is no fun and an unproductive way to spend your valuable time. Let us take care of it […]

Measurement Plan

Google Analytics is an incredibly powerful tool. So powerful in fact that if you don’t know what you should be tracking and measuring, you will quickly become lost in a torrent of data. Of course, this is not a good place for you to be. Too much data is just as useless for your business […]

Regular Reporting

So, you know regular reporting is essential to leverage your Google Analytics valuable. But what should your report contain? A good report contains both standard historical comparisons and detailed analysis of trends in your data sets; this is where actionable insights are found. Sure you can automate basic functions, or gain a basic understanding from a […]

Our Packages

Please Note: All Packages Have an Initial $200 Implementation Fee